Can Ladies with Wigs Go Swimming?


Wigs are a God-sent for ladies who long to have perfect-looking hair. Sometimes, it is impossible to separate some women from their wigs because they have been a big part of their personality already. But what happens in the summer when beach days and pool days are the norms? Can you swim with your wig?

Stock up on waterproof tape and wig glue

Summertime is the time to invest in waterproof wig glue and tape. Ordinary adhesives will not be able to hold up to prolonged exposure to moisture and wetness. Your wig can easily fall apart if you swim using standard adhesives.

Test it on the bathtub

Before you go out swimming, give your wig a test drive. Wear your wig and submerge your head in the bathtub. Try to mimic head movements in the water after the wig is wet and heavy. This is the best way to test the adhesives that you have. Do this test a few days before your swimming trip so you still have time to run to the store and get a better brand.

No diving with wigs

You mustn’t dive in the pool head first – no diving and no cannonballing. Even if you are sure you attached your wig well, the pressure of jumping can still rip off the wig from your head and you may resurface without it. That would be embarrassing!

Leave your favorite wig

We all have that one wig that’s perfect – it’s your favorite! But when it comes to swimming, that wig should stay at home and you should use your backup wigs instead. The chlorine in the swimming pool or the sea salt in the ocean can easily dry out your wig making the hair frizzy, so you should leave your favorite wig at home.

Wear a wig that has seen better days. But just because you don’t have your favorite wig on does not mean you can be careless with the one you are wearing. Make sure to wash your wig immediately so you can still wear them.

Braid your wig

Some wigs are hard to style immediately once they are wet. They will be difficult to manage when you are out on the beach or in a pool. The best way is to braid your wig so that you do not have to dislodge your wig right away. A cute side braid is always a great go-to that looks great before and after your wig gets wet.

Wear a swimming cap

If you like to wear your wig but do not fully expose it to the elements or truly soak it in water, think about wearing a swimming cap instead. This will keep your wig securely in place. However, take extra care when you take off the swimming cap so you do not accidentally take off your wig as well.

Forget about it if you can’t pull it off

If you know that you will end up feeling paranoid about losing your wig the whole time might as well forget about it and rock your natural hair. Swimming time is all about having fun and relaxing and cooling down – you should not be checking your hair and adjusting your wig all the time! if you are not confident wearing your wig while swimming, just do not do it!

Last thoughts

The risk of exposing your natural hair or losing your bundles and closure to the ocean is great but with the tips above in mind, you and your precious fake logs will be fine.

Swimming time is all about having fun! Be confident that you have the best hair in the place!


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