Take10 style challenge 1: lace waistcoat

Hopefully you’ll remember the intro to Project Take10 from a few weeks back – well, today sees the launch of our first ever style challenge! Dorothy Perkins kindly offered to sponsor...

Pixie Wigs: Redefining Beauty Standards with Courageous Style Choices

In a world where societal beauty standards often dictate our appearances, the decision to wear a pixie wig goes beyond simply making...
Wholesale Hair

How to Start a Wholesale Hair Business

Ladies like trendy products and now with their widespread usage yet very short lifespan, wholesale hair supply can be such a lucrative business. So if you...
personalised bracelet UK

Personalised bracelet UK for unforgettable memories

Personalised gifts have been popular for years now, especially because we are striving to give presents that are more special and more unique. Everything counts...

Take10: Crown and Glory

For this month’s Take10 challenge Crown and Glory invited each of us to pick a hair accessory from their range. Here’s what we chose: I don’t like...
Natural Hair Wigs

A Selection Of Wig Types For Women

Wigs are a quintessential component of every trendy woman’s fashion accessories. When selecting wigs for women, it is vital to understand the details and...

Choosing the Right Winter Coat for Women

Even if you do not stay in a place where the climate is extremely cold, you must be ready for such extreme weather conditions...
Travel Waist Bag (4)

The Small Travel Waist Bag Rocks!

The older version of a small travel waist bag had polyester with a dangler on the zipper. It came in a variety and was preferred...

Five Forms of Nail Art Techniques

Nail appearances have graduated from simple looks to painting or drawing various patterns on the nails. This trend has picked up fast worldwide, celebrities...

Difference between lace frontals and closures

The hair industry is vastly different from what it used to be. At present, there are a lot of different styles, extensions, and ways...

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