Cordless leaf blower- A comprehensive Guide

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The cordless leaf blower has become a very common garden accessory due to its many functions and upgrade from the gas-powered or electric leaf blower. Although it doesn’t discard the traditional leaf blower since it cannot be used for a very long period over a lawn with a very large area. But despite that, the cordless leaf blower serves many functions and its ability to be used both indoors and outdoors, its noise reduction and its lightweight. It becomes a thing to be appreciated.

What is a cordless leaf blower used for?

The cordless leaf blower can be used for a variety of functions that involves air being used to clean. It is mainly used to blow leaves, debris and dirt together or away in a lawn, sidewalk, walkway, offices, inside a vehicle, patio, driveway, etc. It is important to know the size of the area that the cordless leaf blower is being used on.

Things to look out for when choosing a cordless leaf blower.

1. The Airspeed: The airspeed of a cordless leaf blower ranges from 100mph to about 250mph depending on the voltage you’re a purchasing. A 40v leaf blower should have an airspeed of about 120mph to 125mph and a 20v leaf blower should land you at about 70mph to 100mph. The amount of leaf and debris to be cleared out can determine the airspeed of the leaf blower to be chosen.

2. The weight: The weight of a cordless leaf blower should always be considered, although most of them are found to be lightweight, few are still heavy after a long period of usage. The weight ranges from as low as 3.5lbs to 30lbs. A lightweight leaf blower makes it easier to work over a long period without inducing strain on the arm.

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3. The size: The size of the cordless leaf blower should also be taken into consideration, especially with the size of the area it is to be used on. A small one can be used indoor and in small spaces to clean out corners and even wardrobes and closets. The size ranges from 24inches to 50 inches. The bigger the size, the bigger the area it can be used on.

4. The battery and charger: The battery of the leaf blower can determine the amount of time the leaf blower can be used for. If you have a longer battery life, it can be used for a long time without having to charge all the time. Which brings us to the charger. Getting a durable charger is also very important. The battery size ranges from about 1500mAh to 4000mAh. A 2000mAh should last for a considerably long amount of time.

Why you should use a cordless leaf blower.

There are countless reasons why you should buy a cordless leaf blower but here are a few; they are easy to use, they have a very considerable lightweight and can be used over a long time without stress, very reliable, compact, versatile and a lot more. Would you like to learn more? You should. It is an opportunity too good to lose.


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