Difference between lace frontals and closures


The hair industry is vastly different from what it used to be. At present, there are a lot of different styles, extensions, and ways to style your hair to give you just the right look that you have always wanted. Among these options, however, one that easily stands out and is quite popular today is the human hair bundles with frontals. 

A good reason why this hair wig style is so famous today is that it gives full coverage from one ear to the other, and it gives you the look and feel of a natural hairline. Also, there are different methods of applying this wig, which does not even have to include glue. You can look at this article as a simple guide to learn all you need to know about lace frontals.

Difference between lace frontals and closures

A lot of people use these terms wrongly or interchangeably. Often, you might want one of them, but because you do not know the differences, you may end up buying the other. To avoid this, it is best to know what you are getting for yourself.

A lace closure is different because it does not give you the same sort of ear-to-ear covering that a lace frontal will. Moreover, lace frontals give you more of a realistic look, one you are sure to enjoy a lot.

How to Prep For Lace Frontals

The first and most crucial step before installing your lace frontals is preparing your hair for the installation. There are a few ways to do this.


Braids are always an easy way to prepare for your lace frontal, and short braids can be used depending on what would be best for you. Make sure to braid towards the middle, then secure with pins.


Good cornrows, all lined up, give you a flat surface for sewing on your lace frontals. It is excellent for thicker or longer hair.


Twists can work as well, and they require significantly less time to get them done.

How to Use Lace Frontals

There are many different ways to install lace frontals. Most of them can be done quickly by professional hairstylers, and they will do it excellently. However, if you choose to do them by yourself, there are a few ways that you can do that too.


It is the most popular way to fix your wig grips because it is a long-term solution. This process takes a lot more time, though, and most stylists do it the best.

Other methods that you can try out on your own include the use of glue or wigs. These are the best ones for you on your own because they do not involve a lot of effort in making them.


Now that you know about lace frontals, you can choose the best option that would add to your style sense. The content above should be sufficient for you to continue your hair journey as you try and learn new styles.


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