Ultimate Guide On Drawstring Bags

brown Drawstring Bag

Students, gymnasts, athletes, laborers, and many other people love to carry. People carry just about anything like notebooks, lunchboxes, work tools, and many other supplies. Hence, the invention of the backpack known as cheap custom drawstring bags bulk.

Custom drawstring bags have quite a history and have become a necessity in the day-to-day running of activities. Zigpac manufactures these bags using modern facilities to ensure these bags are sturdier.

Also, these trendy bags are a necessity to have because of their versatility, affordability, and functionality.

Differences Between Custom Drawstring Bags and Traditional Bag

Cheap drawstring bags bulk differ from traditional bags in so many ways. Some of which are:

  • Compartments:

First, all drawstring bags come with just one compartment where you can throw in everything you want. Therefore, it makes it easier to find whatever you are looking for, unlike traditional bags that have many compartments.

  • Customization:

Moreover, drawstring bags are so easy to customize. As a result, you can buy them plain on Zigpac and print just about anything on them, change their colors, and add embellishments.

You, however, cannot do this with traditional bags as they come with their monogram, logo, and even color.

  • Ease of access:

Another plus is drawstring bags are easier to access, especially when you are in a hurry. All you need to do is pull the top of the bag to open it. Then to close it, pull on the strings, and it will cinch shut.

Furthermore, it is different from traditional bags as they come with different zippers and clasps that secure the bag’s contents. All these can make it challenging to access these bags when you are in haste.

  • Mobility:

At Zigpac, drawstring bags come in different sizes, with the smaller sized ones being more portable. You can quickly grab your bag and go wherever you want because it is quite lightweight.

Moreover, this is not the case with traditional bags as they tend to get bulkier with an increase in load. Therefore, this, in turn, makes it very difficult to carry them for long.

Other Notable Differences in Custom Drawstring Bags

  • Security:

Firstly, drawstring bags are very secure because they have strings that pull very tight and cinch at the top. Hence, people will have a hard time stealing from your bag without you being aware of it. But, traditional bags come with a lot of zippers that make it possible for something to fall out of it.

  • Space Saving:

Also, a drawstring bag lies very flat and can be easily tucked in tight corners. They, therefore, do not take up a lot of storage space and can be placed on other objects. However, traditional bags are usually bulky and take up a lot of space.

Uses of Custom Drawstring Bags

Cheap drawstring bags bulk is mainly for people that have an active life. One delightful thing about these bags is their versatility, especially when they are customized. Therefore, Zigpac offers high-quality custom drawstring bags that are suitable for a lot of purposes.

Here are some incredible ways you can use your drawstring bags:

  • Birthday Parties

Firstly, these cheap drawstring bags bulk is so portable and easy to grab and take out when you want to attend parties. For parties where you will need to carry a lot of loads, this bag gives you the space you need. Also, they come in different materials that are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the more durable materials drawstring bags are made of include nylon, canvass, and mesh.

  • The building of Team Spirit

Also, these bags are very fashionable and suitable for carrying items to sports camps, schools, and many other places. Therefore, every team could have customized drawstring bags which will be given to team members to encourage team spirit. Also, these bags can be available in different shades and colors, so each team can pick colors that best define them.

  • Car Trash Bag

There are a couple of small-sized drawstring bags available in Zigpac stores that will be suitable as car trash bags. So, you can neatly hang this bag on the headrest of your car’s seat for the dumping of trash. Moreover, this is always very nice and will keep your car tidy.

  • Carrying Learning Materials with Custom Drawstring Bags

These bags are very convenient for carrying books and other learning materials to, and you’re your class or library. Therefore, a drawstring bag is a safe place to store these learning materials when you intend to stop by at the park for play.

  • Crafts Making Night

These sling bags can keep you and your friends up all night. Also, you can sit with friends and enjoy a night out customizing your bags for fun, parties or projects. Cotton, burlap, and canvas are perfect options for drawing, embroidery, and painting.

purple Drawstring Bag
  • Custom Drawstring Bags for Storing Children’s Items

Toys can be dangerous when left to lie around carelessly. Hence, they should be kept in a safe place. Children own a lot of toys, puzzles, and other stuff that will be hard to play with if a piece is missing. Investing in drawstring bags that will contain all your children’s play items will be worthwhile.

  • Fundraising and Charity Events with Custom Drawstring Bags

Giving people gifts when they attend your event will help them keep memories of that event. You can order these drawstring bags bulk from Zigpac’s stores and have them customized to your specification. You can then give them out at events to promote your business.

This will give your brand some much-needed free advertising whenever and wherever the bag is used. Additionally, these bags will be very functional and inexpensive for mass promotions like career fairs, trade fairs, and many more.

  • Gifts

Zigpac sells cheap drawstring bags that you can easily customize into colorful and fancy bags then give out as gifts. You can make them look chic to increase their versatility and value. Because of their versatility, your gifts will be highly appreciated by family and friends.

  • Gym

A drawstring bag is one of the main companions of a gymnast or fitness junkie. You can easily carry your change of clothes from the house to the office, and then to the gym. This bag also makes it easier to carry a change of clothes while going to the beach or swimming pool.

Your drawstring bag blends in so easily that it does not draw attention.

  • Military

Most military men use canvas and burlap drawstring bags because they are durable and easy to use. Since they store easily, vary in size, and are customizable, they are perfect for military routines. You can have them made in camouflage colors to blend in with your clothing easily.

  • Outdoor Lovers

People who love being outdoors will find drawstring bags very helpful. All you need to do is throw in all your essentials and zoom off. Individuals who love to go camping, biking, hiking, or seeking adventure in forests or hills will love this bag.

Also, students, office goers, and other people who spend most of their time outdoors will find these bags useful.

black Drawstring Bag
  • School Events

You can customize your drawstring bags in a way that will showcase your arts and craft skills. Your custom drawstring bags can also showcase the colors of your school, fraternity, or club. You can also print business logos on these bags and beautify them with ribbons or other embellishments.

  • Sleepover Accessory

If you are planning a sleepover at your friend’s place, there is no point dragging huge bags along with you. Throw everything you will need into your drawstring bag, and you are good to go.

  • Travel

Drawstring bags are also very convenient for storing essentials when you want to travel. You can easily put your toiletries in a small-sized drawstring bag to separate them from other items. They are portable and lightweight, so carrying them around is easy.

You can also take a drawstring bag with you on a plane and place it in a compartment. The best options for traveling will be nylon, burlap, canvas, or polyester because they are more versatile and durable.

How to Choose Custom Drawstring Bags

In modern times, there are a whole lot of drawstring bags in different sizes and cord lengths. Here is how to choose the best for yourself:

  • Size of the Custom Drawstring Bags

One of the first things to do when you see a drawstring bag is to know the size of what you want to use it for. When you estimate this, add a minimum of 0.5 inches to the size of bag you will buy. This is to help reduce constriction while packing your things in the bag.

The same rule applies when deciding on the length of the bag. Have an estimate of how long and big the objects you will place in the bag might be. Then add about two inches to the estimate to give you room for maneuvering and adequately securing the bag.

  • The Length of the Drawstring

Most of these drawstrings have a standard length, and shortening them is not always easy. You can estimate the length of the drawstring you want by measuring the length of your torso. Then compare the length to that of the drawstring.

To measure your torso, find your C7 vertebra first – this is the bony spot where your shoulders meet your neck. You may have to bend your head forward to feel this spot better.

Then, from this vertebra, slide your hands down until they rest on your hip bones. You can then face your thumb backward and draw a line to your spine’s center from there. Someone can help you in taking this measurement.

When you are done getting the length of your torso, compare it to the length of the drawstring. This should give you the best fit.

Drawstring Bag with animal pattern
  • Materials used in Making Custom Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags can be made using different materials such as burlap, cotton, canvas, mesh, nylon, and polyester. Therefore, each material has its pros and cons, so your choice will depend on what you need the bag for. Materials like burlap and mesh are unsuitable for outdoor use during rainy seasons because they are not water-resistant.

First, polyester (know more) is lightweight but retains odors, while nylon is waterproof but melts when exposed to heat and is not biodegradable. On the other hand, cotton and canvas are both inexpensive and durable, but hard to sew by hand.


Custom drawstring bags are recyclable and can be used on several occasions. After finding the one that fits you correctly, you will enjoy its portability and easy storage compared to traditional bags. Zigpac makes cheap, drawstring bags bulk that will give you more than your money’s worth because they are very durable and affordable.


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