Understanding the Basics of an Electronic Dog Collar Trainer

Electronic Dog Collar Trainer

Whether you own a puppy that has a penchant for barking or you would like to train your pet to stay in the yard successfully, you might have thought of getting an electronic dog collar trainer, aka remote training collar. And just as with the behavior modification methods, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. In the long run, it is really up to you to select what method works best for your dog.

In this blog post, we have laid out a couple of notable facts to assist you in deciding. Notably, we suggest that you do not use these collars until the pet in case understands the commands, including sitting and staying. In that case, you would know that these animals comprehend what you need them to do, including drawing the association between negative behavior as well as the shock.

Best Shock Collar For Your Dog-How To Select

In case you decide to get an e-collar to train your dog, we would encourage you to go for PetSafe Yard. It has high correction levels and a beep-only option coupled with a rechargeable battery. It is slightly expensive compared to other electronic options. But it also gives you more control- therefore, you will have a better experience for the pet.

Electronic Dog Collar Trainer

The collar training device also allows you to train your pet using a mild tingle on various levels instead of starting with instant shock. Most dog owners have attested to using this pet trainer to train their dog to stay with them during the hikes. And yes, it worked well. They have never had to go above the recommended point of vibration. Currently, such dog owners do not require the collar in order to achieve the desired behavior. However, it has undoubtedly assisted them in getting to a better point.

Understanding How an Electric Dog Trainer Works- What Is It?

A shock collar is a type of aversive training tool that was used around the 60s, not just to train but hunt dogs too. Today, the device is used to curb pets with unwanted behaviors in the family, including excessive barking and food aggression. It is also used to train pets to stay within the safest and secure range possible in their compounds. Shock collars aren’t entirely intended as a punishment to animals. They are a deterrent to unsafe behavior that may put them in danger. Usually, the shock administered is safe to get your pet’s attention and then deter specified behavior. It should not harm the animal for lasting hours.

That said, most shock collars have various levels of enforcement. This implies that you can successfully set some reprimanding move to unwanted behavior. For instance, multiple shock collars are known to administer a vibration as a warning before the delivery of the actual shock. The beep is set to allow you to offer a verbal command to disrupt any unwanted character.

Electronic Dog Collar Trainer


It would help if you always kept in mind that utilizing a shock collar does not make you a parent for your pet. It also does not imply that you are putting your pet through a lot in terms of its physical well-being. The electronic training collar will not destroy your relationship with the pet.


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