Different fabrics for towels and their features

fabric for towels

Have you ever wanted to dry yourself up, dry your dishes after cleaning them or wiping water or dirt from countertops and other surfaces, but end up getting disappointed because of your towel’s lack of adequate absorbency? This is a common issue that arises when the fabric that is used in the manufacture of the towels does not meet the standards fabrics for towel making. Multi-purpose towels like other cleaning towels have to be coined from a specific material, which we will be discussing in this post.

Fabrics used for towels

  • Modal

This is one of the less common materials. The fabric is made from the cellulose that comes from beech trees. Despite its lack of popularity, modal towels are the most absorbent of all the other materials discussed in this post.

  • Polyester

This is one of the cheapest fabrics used for making towels. However, remember “Cheap is expensive!”. While this fabric is very efficient, it is less absorbent and also not as soft as you the towel owners would desire. It, however, can be used in the kitchen, the gym, and on rare occasions as a bath towel. 

  • Cotton

There are different types of cotton fabrics used in towel manufacturing. They include; Egyptian, Brazilian, Turkish, and Supima cotton. Towels made from cotton are perhaps the most expensive kind in the market as they are more high end. Note, a cotton towel is more costly to manufacture, and the raw material is also quite costly. However, cotton towels tend to be more absorbent, softer, and tend to be more durable as compared to towels made from other fabric. Cotton towels can be used as kitchen towels for wiping dirt and dust on countertops and stoves, as bath towels, and as multi-purpose cleaning cloths.

  • Linen

Linen towels are the best when it comes to wiping dishes and glass utensils or surfaces. Linen does not leave behind lint when it is used on glassware. There are different types of linen, including; crash linen, damask, or flax linen. Crash linen is a combination of fabric like cotton, pure linen, and rayon, as well. On the other hand, flax linen is the most appropriate as it is resistant to bacteria, it is durable, and it is very absorbent.

  • Bamboo

Towels made from bamboo tend to be extremely absorbent, and it does not take a long time to dry. The fact that bamboo is less expensive and time-consuming to plants makes manufacturing bamboo fabric cost-efficient. This means that bamboo towels are cost-efficient. The price, however, does not take away from the quality of the towels. The disadvantage of the fabric is that it is less thick than the latter.


The choice of fabric that you choose for a towel depends on the purpose for which you intend to use the towel, the cost, and your general needs. Multi-purpose towels would be the best option as they can be used for all purposes. For multi-purpose towels, the best fabric, according to the finding of this article, would be cotton because it is high-quality, soft, durable, and adequately absorbent. 


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