Factors That Determine The Prices Of Hose Pipes


As essential as many other garden instruments, the water hose and its reel play an ambiguous role in water dispensation in any garden or home.

Decorative as a garden may appear, there is surely a lot of background work done to keep it that way. Florists and gardeners will relate perfectly to the statement.

it can be quite difficult for some individuals to choose which hose to get and which hose reel will work best with any hose.

Number Of Layers

How does the number of layers affect the efficiency of the hose pipe? The resistance of the hose pipe is tantamount to the quality of the hose pipe.

The resistance of the hose pipe refers to the number of layers the hose pipe has. the rigidity also has a direct bearing on the quality of the product.

Since the number of layers on the hose pipes determines the quality of the hose, the prices of the hose pipes are also dependent on the number of layers.

There are many different kinds of hoses available in the market. They are all available for purchase. The variety all in your face could be quite confusing for people who do not know the differences.

For example, some see a 3-layer hose as a low end of the range product. For some more experienced, a 4-layer hose is less prone to accident and has better friction resistance.

Some might even argue that the 4-layer hose even has better resistance to pinching, crushing, bending. They say that is harder to tangle or tie in a knot.

The 4-layer hose pipe is also known to fight off the effects of climate hazards. Some of these climate hazards include UV rays and variations in temperature.

Main Types of Hose Pipes

· Non-Twist Hose

This is a high-tech hose pipe. It is built to resist UV rays and extreme temperature variations. The hose does not twist or kink. It is very flexible and is said to have very easy handling.

· The Expandable Hose

This is a usually short hose pipe. This hose has a small diameter. It is very useful for proximity irrigation. They are also used for simple home cleaning.

· Drip Tube

The drip tube makes it possible for the irrigation to take place differently. The drip tube sends the water directly to the flower bed and other shrubs.

This is only possible because of the multiple connections that will be laid out by the user. With the aid of PVC, the drip tube sends water down to the base of the plant.

The drippers reduce the quantity of water that is used thereby economizing the resources. Drip tube irrigation will always be relevant to garden owners.

The Right Hose Reel Match

The hose reel maintains its relevance for its convenience and ease of use in gardening. The hose reel makes the hose pipe feel convenient for usage in whatever capacity.

Even though numerous types of hose reels are quite effective, the wall-mounted stainless steel hose reel is always the best match for any hose pipe.

The wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel which sometimes comes with a wall bracket is attached to a wall. Of course, it is called ‘’wall mounted’’ for a reason.

When it is installed and firmly fixed, the installation of the plugs and screws is supposedly done close to a spigot. All installations can be done in any direction.


Making the perfect choice of hose and hose reel can be difficult for people who are not familiar with the key information. Make sure the carry out proper research weigh your option before any purchase.

The prices of hoses are determined by the quality. The quality is in turn determined by the number of layers on the hose pipes. Going for quality hoses will serve you better.


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