How to Find a Selfie Stick that Suits Your Needs


A selfie stick is held by hand with the cell phone attached at the other end. This makes it easier to take selfies. The truth is that selfie stick tripods are important in different situations. For instance, if you travel alone and need to take decent pictures of yourself with landmarks in the background, you need a selfie stick. With it, you can hold your smartphone at an angle and at some distance away.

Nowadays, there are various types of selfie sticks with unique features and disadvantages. These are tips to help find the best selfie stick tripod.

Selfie Sticks Types

Ideally, selfie sticks can be classified into three types. You can find some with Bluetooth to help you pair with the smartphone. The good thing about this is that you can take pictures with the touch of a button. Some selfie sticks have a headphone jack that can be plugged into the smartphone, and with the touch of a button, you can take pictures. There are also selfie sticks that do not have a way of connecting to the phone and may require a Bluetooth remote. Another option is to use your smartphone’s camera timer.

The selfie stick with the headphone jack is quite popular. It draws power from the phone. As a result, you do not have to charge it or buy a selfie stick with wireless remote.

Total Reach

When buying a selfie stick, it is vital to consider the total reach and length when you fold it. That is because sticks ought to be compact to ensure your phone captures high-quality photos. The average selfie sticks on the market are 8-inch long when folded. You can find some with shorter lengths. When the selfie stick is extended, it can have a length of about 45 inches.

Build Quality

This is another important thing you ought to consider. Do not purchase poor-quality selfie sticks. The right selfie stick should fit easily into a carrying case or bag. Moreover, you should get one that can suit different conditions. That means you can use it in wet weather and hot places. Remember to get a selfie stick tripod that suits your lifestyle and offers a comfortable grip.


You should note that Bluetooth selfie sticks ought to be charged. On the other hand, those that use headphone jack do not have to be charged. Remember that if the selfie stick you purchase cannot connect through the headphone jack or wirelessly, then you need to get a compatible Bluetooth remote.


You need to consider the clamp as it holds the smartphone in place. Ensure you check the clamp provides adequate support to the phone. Also, it should provide a firm grip to ensure it does not fall out. Clamps with a lower edge are recommended.


It is advisable to take pictures using the rear camera instead of the front one, you should get a selfie stick tripod with a mirror. When you use a rear camera to the picture, you can be assured of quality pictures.


You should consider this feature if you are going to take pictures when scuba diving and snorkeling. In such a case, your selfie stick must be waterproof as you need to capture actions under the water.


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