Five Forms of Nail Art Techniques


Nail appearances have graduated from simple looks to painting or drawing various patterns on the nails. This trend has picked up fast worldwide, celebrities have joined the wagon, and you should too. You may wonder if gel polish is suitable for nail art. Yes, it is. All types of gel polish are great for creating nail patterns. For example, jelly nail art is achieved using jelly gel polish, which looks translucent and may have glass flecks or shimmers. We talk about the different forms of nail art techniques below.

Forms of Nail Art Techniques

Nail art is mainly classified based on the technique used. There are several ways of creating nail patterns, and some of them are;

1. Painting

The technique involves using a brush whereby different kinds of brushes can be used to achieve perfect strokes and drawings. Examples include angled, detail, flat, dotting, and line brushes. Brushes with synthetic bristles are the best for this process; however, you can use one with soft but firm bristles. For you to perfect the art, regular practice is needed.

2. Taping

You have to apply the base coat to the entire nail before using tape. Cut the tape into small pieces and stick them to the nail, areas you don’t want color, depending on the pattern you want to achieve. Apply the color coat on the exposed areas, then remove the tape gently to display the art. You can use more than one color coat provided you tape when dry.

3. Stamping

An image plate usually has many designs that are transferred to your nail. After selecting the type of art, it is stamped to your nail using special nail paints. Scrap off unnecessary patterns ensuring you’re left with the nail polish. Finish the look by applying a thin topcoat for extra shine. The available colors are many, and the process is quick; hence you can change up your nails in a short time.

4. Airbrushing

It is a recent invention in the beauty industry that is loved and appreciated by most people. However, few people or salons offer this service as it requires a bit of expertise that they lack. Paint is drizzled on the nail using an airbrush machine. The base coat is applied then stickers or stencils are stuck on the nail. The machine sprays paint on the nail then the stickers are removed to remain with the preferred design.

5. Sponge Bobbing

It is one of the simplest and cool ways to add glam to your nails. It is done using any sponge as long as it’s small enough to fit on the nail. Apply the base coat, dip the sponge into the colored polish, then sponge on the nails gently but faster. When done well, the results are stunning and unique.

Bottom Line

Above are some nail art techniques you can use on your nails, but many more haven’t been discussed. Always ask your nail technician about all the available designs or research more on them, too, if you plan on doing them yourself. The various variety gives you wiggle room to experiment and pick the best.


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