How to Create Ring Light Head Shots


Ring lights are circle-shaped with a hole in the middle to shoot through it using a lens or attach to your phone as seen on Addbeautiful. Among the many uses of a ring light in photography, it is used to capture headshots. A good headshot is determined by the lighting provided. A ring light is a great lighting source that produces even light when applied in the right setting. In this write-up, we look at how to create ring light headshots.

Creating Ring Light Headshots

Not only are ring lights perfect for headshots because of the additional light they bring, but also other benefits. They are easy to use, especially if you have one with continuous light. No additional triggers are needed to see the results. The light they produce illuminates the subject’s face from above, below, and right on it. Harsh shadows are eliminated as well as wrinkles. Catchlights are created and emphasized during this shot which are exciting features that complement a modern look. There are various things you need to do to improve your images using ring lights. They include;

1. Positioning Your Light Well

Headshots are essential when doing makeup tutorials, videos, or just portraits. The ring light angles all your face, but it is vital to have it directly in front of to prevent shadows that can ruin the goal of your video. Rings lights can also be used together with softboxes to form three-dimensional lighting. The ring stays in the middle while the boxes are placed on each side of your face or the client.

2. Device Settings

When using a phone, the camera settings should be adjusted to get the best picture for your headshot. The white balance (WB) should be set according to the correct lighting type. This helps to remove unrealistic color casts from an object, making them appear as they are in a photo. Some ring lights have a color temperature dial set to produce warm or cool lighting or process the white balance efficiently.

3. Keep Your Lights Close

When the light is too far, it isn’t easy to get circular catchlights in a client’s eyes. You will also lose the advantage of having extra light and enhanced details since ring lights are designed to wrap light around. Place the light at different positions and before settling for a spot. This helps you know the most suitable area to place the ring to reap its maximum benefits.

4. Use Bold Colours

Some cameras tend to mute colors such that they appear dull in the picture, while in person, they were bright. For the perfect headshots, since the ring light has bright white light, take advantage of that and go for bolder shades either on the eyes or lips that will look beautiful against the light.

5. Use LED Ring Lights

Ring lights come in various types based on the bulbs inside them. Fluorescent ring lights are not ideal for headshots as the light produced enhances the blemishes and imperfections on your face. LED lights are bright, and the minimized spots make it hard for one to notice them. The type of light you use directly affects your image; hence you should choose carefully.


Ring lights are a valuable tool to have for your headshots due to the bright light they give off. They allow you to take better pictures for your clients and your videos, such as makeup or other purposes. The above tips will help you use your ring light effectively to get well-shot images that look beautiful.


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