How to Pick the Right Zippers


Zippers are an integral part of our clothing. Most dresses have them and that is not something that is going to change anytime soon. Also called fermeture éclair by the French, zippers are the often the difference between a great dress and an average one. Zippers can be found in dresses, bags and even luggage.

This means that different zippers serve various purposes. For many people, finding the right zipper can be extremely confusing. This article will point some of the major types of zippers right now. This will give you a good idea of what you will need moving forward.

Choosing the Right Zipper

1. Separating Zippers

This type often comes with two different zippers. Most people call them the double or dual zippers. This zipper are usually at opposite end and come with two sliders. The best place to use a separating zipper would be luggages as well as office bags. They make the zipping process so much easier.

2. Zipper with Metal Teeth

The interesting thing about this type of zipper is that its shape and form varies greatly. They can also come in aluminum or just pure metal. These types of zipper are usually between 4-9 inches. The best place to use a zipper with metal teeth are jean trousers. This is because they are actually much more durable than other types of zipper.

3. Nylon Zipper

This type of zipper are simply the number one choice for pant fly. One of the reasons for this is because they are made with the perfect material for this part of your cloth. Nylon zipper usually use polyester. There’s more.

While they are notoriously used for pant fly, they can also be used for a bunch of other things. This includes blouses as well as pillow. So, with the nylon zipper, you have a lot of options to choose from.

4. Coil Zippers

This is the perfect zipper for bags. One of the core feature of this kind of zipper is that it does not come with a lock for its slider. These zippers are usually longer than the normal zippers. The minimum length seen is around 9 inches. It can also go up to 14 inches. Another notable feature of this zipper is how the bottom is designed. There is no separation the dual zipper at the bottom.

Another additional zipper that you should know about is the water-resistant zipper. As the name implies, they can survive even the harshest of weathers. If you plan to go camping with a tent, this might be the best zipper for you.

Getting the right zipper

Finding the right zipper also includes buying from the right seller. Online shops give you a wide variety of zippers to choose from. So, make sure that you put that into consideration before making your final decision.


Getting the right zippers doesn’t have to be too stressful. Having a good idea of what you need should always be the first step. You will be surprised at how easy it will turn out to be.


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