Steps you need to take to keep babies safe at home

baby gate

When it comes to keeping your babies safe at home, it is always a priority to ensure that your child is always safe. Babies always have a high tendency to run off when they are not properly supervised that’s why it is better that you make use of baby gates as a protective measure in your home.

Baby gates are very effective. Once they are installed properly, they will prevent the child from going into unauthorized areas in the home. Babies are always bound to walk around whenever they need to because of their inquisitive nature.

However, as a parent, you are always advised to prevent this from happening.

How can you do this? This is very simple. The first thing you need to consider when installing a secure baby gate is the design of the bars.

These days, manufacturers design their bars in such a way that the bay will be smart enough to climb through. This is very wrong. When constructing a baby gate, you should have it in mind that the bars of the gates should be made vertical, not horizontal.

If they are made horizontal, the children will always be smart enough to jump right over it and it could harm them physically.

What to consider before choosing a safe stair gate for your child.

The design of the safety gate is the top priority. Always ensure that your gates are designed to prevent your children and not to serve as a means to enhance their escape.

The second thing you need to consider when building your safety gate is the height of the gate. In your home, you should always ensure that your gate reaches up to ¾ of the child height to prevent the child from jumping over. For extra safety, you can choose a higher gate.

Another reason you need to consider before having a safety gate installed in your home is the accessibility. In your home, the safety gate should not be easy for your children to jump over, otherwise, you have defeated the whole aim of having a safety gate in the first place.

When mounting your gate, you need to have a system that makes opening the gate difficult for children. What we will suggest is the adoption of the automatic lock system.

You need a complicated locking system to work. However, it may not be easy for you regularly, you just need to ensure that the system works properly in preventing your children from accidents.


While constructing your gate, one thing you also need to pay close attention to is the durability of the materials used in building this safety gate. From now on, keep babies safe at home.

You would not want to use materials that will end up getting ruined after a short time and will not give you the best results. Metal safety gates are safer and last longer than the wooden one.  


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