Now you know I’m not the BIGGEST fan of LUSH bath bombs, they’re expensive and most of them don’t do much more than smell nice and turn your bath a funny colour but I decided that if I was to keep saying this I really had to try more of them.. only fair. Cinders is up today and I’m afraid this is a perfect example of the blah for me.. the Golden Wonder wasn’t all that but at least it created a bit of a spectacle in the tub.. this just fizzes and turns the water vaguely yellow. The scent is nice but nothing I’d pay to smell again. A little bit festive but nothing I can’t get from a Candle which is much better value for money.

The red beads you can see are popping candy though I didn’t hear it popping.. from other reviews I’ve read it sounds like this is a little hit and miss..maybe it’s the way you put it in the bath? I will say that this is one of the cheaper options so if you like the idea of the fizz and fun I’d suggest you give it a go.. I definitely think I’m just a bit of a scrooge about the whole thing and I’m sure there are many people who love it but for me it was another dud. Another plus however is that there was no residue in the bath so unlike the butter ball which I love there’s no oil/shimmer/weird colour to rinse away.


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