Make Space For The Sales


11 months of the year I’m a completely unorganised mess but when Christmas rolls around I become a well oiled machine of preparedness. I already have all of my gifts bought (not wrapped yet but still.. I’m most of the way there) my tree is up and my cards are waiting to be written so by the time December hits and most people are just starting their plans I’m already looking ahead to the post Christmas sales. It’s become somewhat of a tradition now to rock up early AM on boxing day to my parents house and go to our local mall with my Dad. My Mums not a shopper so she watched the kids (thanks, Mum!) we go for breakfast and do a mad dash round our favourite stores. Sales shopping is my favourite, I love a good spree but when everythings crazily discounted it’s a lot lighter on my wallet.. the problem is you usually end up buying triple what you would have because it’s all so darn cheap. If like me you already have a wardrobe full of clothes (but never have anything to wear, right?) you’re going to need to make space for your new acquisitions ahead of time.

Last month I posted about condensing your closet without having to throw anything out, I bought all new hangers from good old Primark and it created SO much space – you can watch a quick video on that here – but obviously that cost me money and if you’re looking to save every penny for the sales there’s another way to make so room.. have a good clear out! Better still.. sell what you no longer wear and make space AND money.. win, win!

I usually have a plan of attack when it comes to New Year shopping, it can be manic and to avoid coming home with luminous floral jeggings I would NEVER have bought but had to because they were £4 I like to make a list. Anything I’ve had my eye on that was a little pricey goes on it and I hunt the rails for those items. It’s not a bargain half price unless you’d have bought it at full.. that’s not to say I don’t buy some crazy things from time to time but if you want to get your moneys worth I’ve found that’s the best way to do it. Also, don’t forget the amazing beauty deals there are to be had.. Perfume gift sets are usually hugely reduced while the regular perfume stays full price! I will be posting some picks of the sales once they are upon us but for those of you like me who like to be prepared any tips and tricks you’d like to share in the comments are very welcome!


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