Pearl Jewelry Sets: Cleaning Routine You Must Know


Pearl jewelry is one of the pieces you should add to your collection. It’s lustrous beauty that highlights your taste amongst a crowd. If you need a ring or pearl necklace, check out Topearl. They have a wide range of pearl collection to choose from. However, pearl jewelry sets are exceptional gemstones, and unless you care for it, it loses its value. Here are 5 must-know caring tips for your pearl jewelry sets.

  • Avoid Chemicals

 Avoid wearing the best pearls in the world while using chemicals. Pearl is sensitive to external factors, and if it is exposed to cleaning chemicals, the delicate skin wears off. If the jewelry is exposed to chemicals, immediately wipe off the acid with a soft cloth. If you do not wipe off the chemical in time, it can corrode the outer layer, thus distorting its good looking.

  • Avoid Wearing Pearl When Cooking

Vinegar and lemon juice might be some of the most important ingredients in your kitchen. But, the two contain acidic properties that eat off the outer layer of your pearl, leading to permanent damage. Also, if the pearl is exposed to heat and grease, it can never recover from the staining. So, if you have a pearl ring, remove it when doing kitchen chores, even the washing of dishes.  If you understand the origin of pearl, you’ll realize it is formed from water. Therefore, exposing it to heat dries them too.

  • Wear The Pearl Last

Cosmetics contain chemicals that are harmful to pearls. It is therefore essential to wear the cosmetic first thing before wearing the pearl jewelry necklace. Always wear your pearl jewelry after your done with make-up application, spray your hair and other cosmetic applicants. Also, remove the jewelry first thing before you wash off your make up and don’t shower in them either.

  • Clean Your Jewelry

Using a soft and clean cloth to wipe your pearl jewelry sets every time you remove them. Storing the pearl with a coating of sweat degrades its luster. When the need arises, add mild shampoo to distilled water and soak your pearl for a minute and then wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth. Avoid stretching the material on which the pearl is attached to.

Also, avoid blow-drying your hair when wearing a classic pearl necklace. The heat dries the jewelry, which might lead to breaking of the gem.

  • Storing Your Jewelry

Some of the jewelry can be hanged but not pearl jewelry sets, it weakens the string on which the pearl is attached. If it’s exposed to air, the luster disappears. It is, therefore, essential to store them in cool storage. An ideal storage bag should be made from velvet material, so, invest in one. Also, store each piece of jewelry separately to prevent scratching. Other storage bags include satin lined and silk bags.

Plastic bags release harmful chemicals, and after a while, you’ll realize your pearl is deteriorating. Besides, plastics bags create room for vapor that eventually destroys your jewelry.

Additionally, avoid storing pearl gifts in a safe box as it is dehydrating but, if you must, place a glass of water inside the safe box.

  • Take Away

If you’re a regular wearer of pearl jewelry, ensure you restring them every two years. Also, caring for your pearl jewelry sets ensures their longevity. It’s upon you to decide how long your jewelry will last. If you’re keen on the caring tips and storage, then you will enjoy their service for a long time.


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