Should You Shop from TaoBao or AliExpress?


Electronic commerce is a prominent trend in the current economy. It has developed considerably, making China one of the leading and fastest-growing markets across the world. Even so, its growth rate is still not being matched with the potential it has. This has led to the rise in questions how online retailers such as Taobao and AliExpress can improve their practices. When shopping online, consumers always prefer to choose products from a reliable platform.

Taobao is a primary Chinese online website used for shopping. It is centrally located in Hangzhou. Managed by Alibaba, it also ranks as the most visited site in the country. That is, according to the prestigious ranking by Alexa Website.

Why Taobao?

Alibaba established Taobao in 2003. The marketplace helps to facilitate smooth consumer-to-consumer retail by offering a platform for various small businesses coupled with entrepreneurs who want to open online stores in

Exciting features of Taobao China

Taobao has won thousands of consumer’s hearts in China. The platform has low price tags, making it one of the best for the people. Even so, there is a downside to it. Those who cannot read Chinese will experience challenges in their purchasing processes. Therefore, they would need to ask their Chinese-literate friends to translate for them, taking away online shopping freedom.

Even though Taobao recently partnered with prominent shops, including Lazada, the ability to buy products directly makes it possible for you to gain access to the extensive shopping categories. Because consumers are always on the lookout for how to save money, most of them hunt for a great bargain. Here is a rundown of the pros of shopping from Taobao over AliExpress.

The primary differences between Taobao and AliExpress

Various users can efficiently run AliExpress across the world, given that it supports a variety of languages. On the other hand, Taobao strictly supports the Chinese native speakers unless you click on the icon that reads Taobao English. This indicates that Taobao is concerned with the domestic market.

AliExpress readily accepts payments from a variety of platforms, including PayPal. Taobao is slightly complicated because the verification method is involving.

AliExpress has a sales count of up to 0.3 million. On the other hand, Taobao has a sales count of up to 8 million. The point lies in how good a consumer is at Chinese. Given the sales volumes involved, Taobao is expected to be ten times more efficient than AliExpress.


You have read about Taobao and AliExpress. Now you need a verdict to choose an ideal e-commerce platform to shop from. Taobao offers a broad range of different shopping options for its customers.

With the significant number of items readily available on the interface and attractive prices, the platform is slowly becoming a favored place to shop from.

Taobao allows its sellers to post various goods for sale at a fixed price. They can also auction products to make some percentage of the transactions available. The majority of these products are often new merchandise sold at relatively fixed prices.

Besides, Taobao’s agents are readily available for customer service. All products from manufacturers are bundled into a single shipment known as integrated shipping.

Final Thoughts

Verdict? Go Taobao because the goods sold on the platform are relatively pocket-friendly. Besides, Taobao is also everything under one roof. You shall find just about everything you need on the shopping platform.


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