Skin care in the sun


Being Scottish and very fair-skinned I’ve come to accept that I look permanently peely-wally. If I was abroad and built up my sun exposure gradually over a few weeks  I could probably get a bit of colour but I’m (sadly) never on holiday long enough for that to happen. And even if I was I don’t think I’d have the patience to work on my tan!

At this time of year the pressure mounts to look sun-kissed rather than winter pale and women’s magazines are packed with features on how to get the perfect tan. They’ve been pretty responsible in recent years, promoting bottle and spray tans and raising awareness of the danger of sun beds, which I can’t believe people still use despite all the negative press they’ve had.

When I was younger I got sunburnt a few times and I’m therefore quite paranoid about checking my skin for any changes. Over the past couple of years several close friends have had moles removed on their doctor’s advice – just in case. You can never be too careful with this kind of thing.

If you’ve any questions on sun damage and your skin, AXA PPP healthcare will be running a live chat where one of their medical experts will be available to answer your queries. Professor Nicholas S A Stuart will be joining AXA PPP on the new Cancer Centre to discuss ways to prevent, diagnose and treat skin cancer. As a professor of Cancer Studies at Bangor University, and the author of 35 publications, Professor Stuart is one of the UK’s experts in this field and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

You can join the live chat on the Cancer Centre on Tuesday 29th May between 3pm and 5pm. If you can’t make it,  get in touch through Facebook or Twitter and AXA PPP will get back to you with Professor Stuart’s answer shortly after the live chat. There’s also a ange of articles on the AXA PPP website that you might find interesting.

Hope you find this useful and please do take care in the sun.

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