The Smartwatch Buying Guide For 2020


Choosing a smartwatch is no easy thing. There are plenty of smartwatches with all sorts of features. The following buying guide will break down the most important factors to consider when choosing a new smartwatch. To that end, go carefully through our guide and arm yourself with some knowledge before choosing your new smartwatch.

OS Compatibility

One of the first things to consider when you buy smartwatch that will meet your expectations is operating system compatibility. Some smartwatches work with both iPhones and Android phones. However, most pair better with either an Android-powered smartphone or an iPhone.

The bottom line is always to check whether the smartwatch you like is compatible with your smartphone. 


Most smartwatches on the market use an LCD. Users get to enjoy viewing all sorts of content in rich colors and use all sorts of apps. The biggest downside is the relatively short battery life, at least with some more affordable models. Nowadays, the best ones can last almost a month on a single charge. Plus, some of them come with a black and white display mode that further expands the battery life.

Smartwatches using OLED displays are commonly used for models with a slimmer design. The trade-off here is the price that tends to be somewhat steeper.

Are You A Fan Of Outdoor Sports Activities?

Those that are into outdoor sports like hiking and running should know that there is a separate category of smartwatches. They are not officially labeled but are often known and referred to as sports and outdoor watches. Typically, they are more rugged and somewhat bigger than the average smartwatch. Additionally, they put a greater emphasis on activity tracking and navigation and less on digital assistants or apps. 

Touchscreen Vs. Touchless

Choosing a touchscreen seems the obvious choice. However, many smartphones even offer a combo between side buttons, rotating bezel, or even a digital crown. Everything with one purpose – to make it easier to use your smartwatch. Some people are comfortable with just the touchscreen, whereas others prefer the side buttons and the other options. Which one will suit you most is a matter of taste, and what you find to be practical.

App Selection

Smartwatches are either based on android or Apple smartwatches. Both ecosystems have a rich portfolio of apps available for their respective smartwatches. Generally speaking, both types of smartwatches share many features. Then there is the fact that almost all famous smartwatch apps feature both an iPhone and an Android version. Some Android smartwatches can be even connected to an iPhone, but they can’t offer the same interactivity as if you were using an iPhone smartwatch.


Choosing a great smartwatch is no rocket science, but rather something that needs to be based on your style, preferences, what you want it to do, your budget, and its compatibility with your other devices. Consider all the factors mentioned above, and there is no way to choose poorly.


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