The Variety Of Natural Hair Wigs In The Market


Women all over are embracing and wearing natural hairstyles confidently. The beauty industry has weaves, ginger wigs, natural hair wigs, and clip-ins that mimic natural human hair. Natural hair wigs have gained popularity quickly, and they are being worn everywhere. If you are searching for a wig but do not know the starting point, you can read this article to learn about natural hair wigs.

Types of Natural Hair

Natural hair wigs have various curl patterns. Examples of curly hair types are 3A, 3B, and 3C, while kinky hair types include 4A, 4B, and 4C.

1. Hair Type 3

Type 3 hair has ringlet curls and large waves, and its diameter is approximately a sharpie’s diameter. Type 3C hair has the tightest curls with a diameter of a standard pencil.

2. Type 4 Hair

It is often referred to as afro-textured hair as it is coily or kinky. The hair type has a distinct curl pattern and can shrink up to 90%. Type 4 hair curls are similar, but they have slight differences in hair texture and curl patterns. For instance, 4A hair type is often referred to as kinky. The hair’s curl pattern is definite and can shrink up to 70%.

On the other hand, the 4B hair type is similar to 4A, but its pattern is zigzag. 4C is the last category of type 4 hair, and it lacks a definite curl pattern. The hair is best referred to as kinky, and it shrinks up to 90%.

Although categorizing hair seems unnecessary, it matters when you are looking for a natural hair wig. You need to know your hair’s curl pattern to know your preferred natural hair wig’s curl pattern.

Different Types of Natural Hair Wigs

The wigs available in the market nowadays are designed to appear as natural as possible. All the caps and hairstyles are made to perfectly fit your head and allow you to style the hair in several ways. Modern hair wigs have multiple cap styles, attachment techniques, and fabrics. The lace caps prevent scalp irritations and allow it to breathe. Additionally, the wigs have lace fronts and u-parts. Here are various natural hair wigs.

1. Full Lace Wig

The entire cap is laced, and it has strips for adhesive to stick to prevent the wig’s movement on your hairline. You can style this wig naturally, and the lace allows parting in all directions.

2. Lace Front

The wigs have lace only on the front part to give your hairline a natural look. They also allow styling versatility as you can switch up how you look. You can wear some lace front wigs half-up or half-down. The wig has a drawstring to prevent the wig from moving.

3. Monofilament

These wigs have a mesh, nylon, and lace blend. They are a great option if you have a sensitive scalp. Plus, the wig’s cap mimics the color of your natural scalp.

4. Half Wig

They only cover your head’s back part and leave your hairline exposed. They come in a bun or have a headband as well for better coverage. They are common among new wig wearers.


There are plenty of modern wigs to choose from that will match your hair’s curl pattern. You will be sure to look amazing in whatever natural hair wig you select. But remember, your keen eye in choosing will determine how good you will look.


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