Top Things to Know Before Getting Box Braids


Box braids tend to come in quite handy many times especially when you can’t get by with the struggle that comes with caring for box braided wigs. What a lot of people however fail to talk about is the essential top to understand before visiting the salon to get box braids done.

If you’re going for this hairstyle soon, then stick to this article as you get to find out the top important things you should know before installing box braids.

Important Things to Know Before Installing Box Braids

1. They can be itchy

Contrary to what a lot of people think, box braids can get your scalp itchy. You need to make plans to spend the next few days or weeks after braiding to scratching, patting, or generally attend to the itchiness if of your scalp. The reason for the itchy scalp is mostly because the extension used most times for braiding was laced with an alkaline base formula. This alkaline goes ahead to keep your hair clean, make it resistant to heat, and also protect it against me. Besides, tight braids are the next reason why your scalp can be itchy after braids as it causes tension most times.

To avoid an itchy scalp, ensure to wash your hair before installation. Don’t also forget to apply peppermint oil or tea tree oil to soothe the itch.

2. Sitting for Long Hours

Installing box braids can take anywhere between 5, 6, 8 to 12 hours of your day. This is mostly dependent on the size and length of braids, type of hair extension, and hairstylist. To save more time and energy, you can opt to do shorter braids.

3. They Can be Heavy

Before getting those braids done, you need to look past the beauty or glamour of the Instagram and Pinterest photos you see. Simply put, you need to come come to terms with reality; most box braids come out heavy. Due to the extra weight, they come in, it can be quite difficult to pack your hair in a ponytail or tame them correctly while you sleep.

To avoid the heaviness, you can ask your hairstylist to use less pack of extensions for your hair.

4. They Do Not Last Forever

Because of how free most people feel when having box braids on, they tend to leave in on for too long. This is a bad ora give especially seeing that you are damaging your natural hair in this process. The highest you should leave your box braids on is 6 to 8 weeks and that’s if you have thick natural hair.

5. They Can Be Quite Pricey

Box Braids are quite expensive to install due to obvious reasons. It’s a labor-intensive hairstyle where your hairstylist is expected to stand for several hours while maintaining speed and ensuring that your hair comes out nice. Location can also be a determinant for this.


Box braids are beautiful when perfectly done. When you’re ready, ensure to visit a good hairstylist so you can have one of the best box braids experience at the end of the day.


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