Is vaping more harmful than smoking?


There a heated discussion led by experts on vaping since more and more people are quitting traditional smoking means and turning to vaping. We can certainly say that vaping is becoming more and more trendy among smokers and with a variety of vaping devices offered by Hleefcig, you can truly follow the trends. However, is vaping just as harmful as smoking? Is vaping harmful to lungs?

1.    Are there studies conducted about vaping?

Since vaping is definitely a new way of smoking, a lot of people who are planning on quitting smoking would like to turn to vaping. However, the majority is concerned about vaping health risks. Unfortunately, there are no studies being conducted on vaping, but it’s still not hard to tell the difference in vaping vs smoking comparison.

We do know that smoking causes a lot of health issues – cancer but does vaping hurt your lungs? Is vaping safe? It’s a kind of imperative to know that vaping is definitely safer than smoking since it doesn’t consists of tar or carbon monoxide. Those two ingredients make smoking so dangerous after all.

2.    Can vaping flavors be dangerous?

Nowadays, vaping is becoming more and more popular not only because it turned out to be safer than smoking but also because it allows users to try so many different flavors. Most vaping users are either smokers or ex-smokers so they enjoy trying out flavors.

What’s important to know about these flavors is that they represent a mixture of chemical compounds. Since there are no studies conducted, it’s likely that some flavors are more dangerous to health than others. Some studies mention the negative sides of diketons, but their number is much larger in cigarettes than in vapes.

a man is vaping

3.    Can vaping cause lung cancer?

We all know that smoking can cause lung cancer and many other kinds of cancer as well. However, are there any harmful effects of vaping? What’s important to know is that carcinogens have been found in vapes too. This might scare a lot of users and potential ones as well but the risk of getting cancer while vaping is very low.

Some medical journals and researchers even claim that the risk is the same as if you were wearing a nicotine patch. This just means that the chance of getting a cancer while vaping is less than 1%.

4.    Why are vaping batteries dangerous?

Thanks to the development of technology, there are many vaping battery types that are different when it comes to their power and quality as well. Just like all other batteries, vaping batteries can be dangerous if exposed to heat. Therefore, it’s absolutely mandatory to make sure that your vapor batteries are stored properly and not exposed to excessive heat. Otherwise, it can explode and you most certainly don’t want that to happen.

What’s more, when it comes to batteries, you need to be careful about the type of charger you are getting. Be careful because batteries are different in sizes and power. It’s not good to charge a 3500mAh battery on a weaker charger since it might damage the battery and make it old much faster. These batteries are not cheap, so make sure you take good care of them.



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