Complete Guide To Having Gorgeous Hair Every day With This Different Types Of Virgin Hair Weaves

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Dealing with natural hair every day, especially when you are living a busy lifestyle can prove hectic.  One way to ensure that you are not continually yanking, brushing, and combing your hair is by investing in virgin hair weave. However, to cater to different needs, human hair extensions are numerous hence selecting one that suits your needs can be confusing if you are a novice. wholesale virgin hair factory stocks several different virgin human hair extensions you can invest in. As texture and wave patterns differentiate human hair weaves, below are different types of weaves you should consider.


Peruvian hair is the most popular hair weave in the world. Its popularity is attributed to its softness and the easy stress-free maintenance routine. Often available in straight curl, it’s the best choice for a novice as it merely requires occasional moisturizing for astonishing effects. Of all the different types of hair weaves, the Peruvian weave stands out as unique due to its versatility for multipurpose use. As it’s thick and luxurious, it requires fewer bundles for a full body look.  


  • Peruvian hair is available in straight, wavy or curly hair texture
  • It’s silky to the feel and has a medium luster that is easy to maintain
  • It often has a 3b hair type texture that easily blends with relaxed African- American hair
  • Its coarser than the Brazilian or Malaysian hair texture which makes it easy to manipulate to different styles and curl patterns
  • When washed it becomes more curly turning dark or light brown
  • Can easily be chemically treated and hence superb for experimentation with different colors
  • Can be bought with a lace closure frontal that makes it low maintenance offering a full protective hairstyle (although this is optional).


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Often considered as the go-to types of virgin hair, the Brazilian weave durability makes it a top contender for anyone considering using weaves. Made to withstand a lot of tension, you can use different styling methods, including a curling iron, dryer, and blow dryer without worry that it will fall apart. Luxurious to the touch, the high luster of the Brazilian weave makes it a beautiful weave and hence the popularity in the market today.


  • It is very soft and silky to the touch
  • It is thick and with a dense body
  • It has a natural shine that withstands years of use and still looks attractive  
  • It has a low to a medium luster that makes it seem more natural or real
  • All the cuticles are placed facing the same direction to avoid stray hairs
  • Of the different types of weaves hair, the Brazilian hair is the most tangle-free hence less stressful to manage
  • It holds curls for a long duration eliminating the need for different styling
  • As it has a medium density it is less susceptible to frizz hence can use comfortably use in humid areas
  • It is dense thus requires fewer bundles during weave installation to attain a full look


Different pattern types of Malaysian human hair do exist. They include wavy, curly, and straight patterns. With curls that do not drop or loosen, this hair provides a perfect base for blending African American hair. With its thickness, lightness and unique curl pattern, it requires very little maintenance to keep shape hence the go-to hair when you want superb hair with minimal stress


  • It is very silky and wavy therefore defined often associated with a curly pattern
  • Can be manipulated to maintain a wavy or a straight pattern
  • It is usually fine
  • It is heavier and silkier than the Brazilian, Indian or Peruvian hair
  • It has a great natural shine hence suitable to make different types of weaves and extensions.
  • Due to its extreme curl pattern, it can easily be blended with kinky 4, a, b or c types of hair with the use of a little gel
  • When washed it dries with a slight wave hence looks more natural when left to air dry
  • It is strong thus can hold curls for long
  • It requires a minimum product to maintain its curl, and hence you can go some days without needing to add additional products
  • It is susceptible to freeze, but due to its natural curls it adds to the overall curl pattern of the hair
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The Indian human weave is the most readily available type of human hair used worldwide; hence often the go-to hair to make lace wigs. As it’s easily manipulated, it is perfect for experimenting because it’s cheaper than the rest of the hair extensions in the market, As it’s strong, it’s an excellent choice for long-lasting human hair extensions. 


  • Has a soft wavy pattern
  • Since its readily available, it’s cheap
  • Has a high luster
  • Requires consistent moisturizing to keep it looking healthy
  • Its fine hair hence can be easily manipulated to different curl patterns
  • It’s light, bouncy and airy
  • It’s easy to blend as it can be curled easily to mimic tighter curl patterns
  • Easy to chemically process hence great for experimentation
  • Susceptible to damage when used with harsh chemicals or harsh manipulation tactics
  • Has a variety of textures ranging from coarse to silky thus you need to counter check
  • Since it has a low density, it’s easy to manipulate and make lace front wigs
  • When washed, it naturally air dries to a soft wave


Because people have different types of hair textures, the 4 different types of human hair extensions are the best types of hair for sewing in the weave. As it’s not easy to differentiate them, take a few moments to note down the curl pattern to pick the most suitable virgin hair weave to invest in. Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory stocks many weave patterns, including tight curl, deep wave, and straight hair, giving you various options to invest in. As they suit different types of textures, it’s the easiest way to protect natural hair, reduce stress, and save you money on natural hair care in the long run.


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