What Are The Benefits Of Bathroom Vanities?


In a nutshell, a bathroom vanity is a centerpiece and includes the sink, basin, as well as the storage that surrounds it. The countertop is also an important part of the vanity system. The main materials that are used to make vanities include cement, wood, laminate, stone, and reconstituted stone. The main idea is to use a material that is either waterproof or moisture resistant. This is because the bathroom is the biggest wet area in houses, durability is a key factor.

Choosing A Bathroom Vanity

Vanities come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs such as modern, country-style, minimalist, art deco, traditional, or French provincial.

The vanity you choose will play a huge role in determining the style of the bathroom. For example, if you’re going for a modern minimalist look it’s not advisable to choose an ornate vanity. Make sure that the vanity you choose suits all your needs.

Again, then choosing a vanity you should consider the maintenance. Find a material that is will not get stained easily and also one that doesn’t lose its luster or get water damaged easily.

The shape you pick dictates if the vanity will have gentle or sharp corners. The shape you choose depends on the size of your bathroom and it’s important that it’s in proportion.

Lastly, the size determines if the vanity will just hold the sink or if it can cover the entire length of the bathroom wall. If it’s big enough, it can have two sinks meaning that more people can use the bathroom at the same time.

The Benefits of Bathroom Vanities

To most people, bathrooms are just a utility room to which much attention shouldn’t be paid. However, over the past couple of decades so many changes have emerged as more and more people focus on bathroom décor. Bathroom spaces are part of the overall home décor and should provide comfort and allow you to relax.

Here are the main advantages of installing bathroom vanities:

  • Extra storage space

You will always have something to put inside the shelves to the extra storage space is always welcome. These vanities ensure that you maximize usage on space and have maximum storage capacity which comes in very handy especially for smaller bathrooms.

  • Coordinated look

As mentioned earlier, vanities come in a variety of designs and, therefore, help you create a unified look. They help create a sense of flow in the room and make decorating so much easier.

  • A place to hide the mess

If you didn’t have the vanity, your things will remain in the area around the sink and the bathroom will look very messy. Keeping “clutter” off the sink makes it so easy to clean the bathroom because you don’t waste a lot of time trying to keep things organized.

  • They’re easy to modify

If you can’t find a design that you like, you can easily have it customized into exactly what you have in mind. For example, if you like, you can have the knobs on the drawers changed or the color on the drawers redone. This is a great way to express yourself and reflect your true character.

  • They add value to your home

If you have the vanities installed and later think of selling your house, it will sell at a higher price. People don’t mind spending a little more on well-developed property

  • Helps you to relax

When you enter a bathroom with well-fitted vanities, you feel good because everything is organized. Your stress levels go down and you ultimately get in a feel-good mood.


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