A Selection Of Wig Types For Women

Natural Hair Wigs

Wigs are a quintessential component of every trendy woman’s fashion accessories. When selecting wigs for women, it is vital to understand the details and pricing of the wig and numerous other factors. You can choose wigs based on hairstyle required, length, and texture. In addition to this, wig wearers also pick their headcovers based on their preference and sense of style. When selecting the appropriate wig, some ladies also consider capsizes, which can be large or petite. Capsizes include the circumference of the wearer’s head behind your ear, to the front hairline, to the neck’s nape, to your other ear, and finally back to the front of your hairline. Let’s focus on types of wigs for women.

Types of wigs for women

  • Premium and Remy human hair

In the fast-paced world of beauty and fashion, Remy hair ranks among the best in class among the various wigs for women. As a hair extension, Remy hair is 100% human and not synthetic. This version of artificial human hair is Remy or Remi since it is collected from the scalp cuticles that are grown in one direction to prevent excessive tangling. Remy hair is of higher quality and is priced higher because of the care that goes into the collection and processing methods.

  • Human hair

When selecting wigs for women, human hair offers the most distinctly natural look and feel and is also the easiest to style. However, human hair requires more styling efforts, especially after undergoing a wash. If the user takes proper care of human hair, it can last for more than eight months.

  • Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is specially crafted to cater to the beauty needs of trendy, smart women who know what they want and don’t hesitate to go for it. A majority of synthetic hair wigs for women are ready to wear, even right out of the box. In this way, synthetic hair saves ladies time and money. Thus, to minimize drooping and frizz. Synthetic hair is treated beforehand, enabling it to withstand harsh weather conditions, and to reduce drooping and frizz. The best types of synthetic hair products can retain their curl, style, and volume even after intensive use.

  • Human hair that is heat-friendly

Human hair that is not affected by heat is incredibly versatile and can be easily used with very hot styling tools at temperatures of even 300o C. Also, the drawback is that heat-friendly human hair is more difficult to style than regular human hair. In addition to this, users have to be extra careful to avoid tangling the fibers. The most significant disadvantage is that synthetic hair, though not affected by heat, is not as durable as other forms of hair.


When selecting the best types of wigs for women, it is best to think of how a wig is crafted and the hair that goes into creating the headcover. It would help if you also understand that both synthetic hair and human hair have distinct limitations and benefits and work in different scenarios.


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