How to use an Ankara Material


If you haven’t jumped on the Ankara trend, then you are missing a whole lot!

Ankara materials are one of the best gifts to the fashion industry, and the latest Ankara styles emanating from this industry speaks volume.

Ankara materials are all over the market place, and designers are making the most out of it. if you’ve just hopped onto the trend, or have some unused Ankara materials hanging in your wardrobe, or you have seen some of the latest Ankara styles and you’re not sure if they will be a good fit.

Not to worry! Here are things you can achieve with Ankara materials:

  • Ankara gowns: 90% of the latest Ankara styles are gown styles. They can either be short, long or medium. People prefer gown styles because they are flexible and very versatile. The short gowns can be worn to work, social events, or meetings.

The long gowns are often worn to wedding ceremonies with the right set of accessories to match, while the medium falls into the two categories. This should be the first style that pops into your mind when you have an Ankara material.

  • Ankara blouses: The beautiful thing about Ankara blouses is that they are easily transformable. The most popular form of Ankara blouses are peplums, suitable for any occasion.  Ankara blouses can be made with a skirt from the same material and can be worn with trousers or a skirt for official purposes and social events.

Very simple and easy to make.

  • Ankara pants/skirts: These are becoming increasingly popular. They are normally made with blouses to match, but they can be worn with blouses of neutral color such as black and white. They are often used for work and official purposes but can serve for social events as well.

However, tailors have to be careful. It doesn’t stretch, so they have to ensure that additional space is left when sewing to accommodate fluctuations in body size.

  • Suits: Ankara suits are one of the hottest trends as long as the fashion industry is concerned. They are comfortable, unique, and give a sense of professionalism. It is perfect for people working in the creative industry.
  • Bags/Purses: You may be wondering why bags are among the list. Well, they say you are not fully dressed if your bag and shoes do not complement your outfit. Bags are extremely important accessories because they are not only fashionable but functional. Nothing will be better than rocking an Ankara gown or suit and then pairing it up with a bag or purse made from the same material.

This will save you a lot of stress in the long run, because you will not spend time looking for a bag to match when there’s already one in place. The same goes for purses.

  • Shoes: We can’t talk about bags without talking about shoes. They say shoes are the first thing most people notice on others.  So, your shoe has to match your outfit (yeebia).


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