The Best Speediance Gym Training Programs


Speediance Gym Training Courses are created to provide you with the finest experience at the gym and assist you in achieving your fitness objectives. In addition to offering the most recent equipment available, the video trainers are constantly available to provide expert guidance on how to use the equipment.

These distinctive, and excellent gym training programs are created for beginning, moderate, advanced, and elite athletes, all working from a Speediance digital home gym. These comprise:

Burning Hip & Thigh Speediance

This high-intensity workout can help you lose weight and develop muscle in your thighs, hips, and buttocks. While building muscle, you will burn fat. All fitness levels are welcome in this class, so everyone can participate! With this course, you’ll gain access to our private personal training sessions that are created just for your requirements and objectives. Additionally, you’ll get a personalized meal plan created by nutritionists who are experts in helping people lose weight while enjoying tasty meals!

Speediance Hiit

Without needing to spend hours at the gym, this program uses interval training to offer you a challenging workout! Those who wish to reduce weight but don’t have time to train every day will benefit from an intense aerobic workout that also burns calories and builds lean muscle mass. Beginners may also benefit from this session because you only need to bring yourself, some motivation, and no equipment or previous gym experience.

Training Your Back & Chest

Two of the most significant muscles in our body are those in the back and chest. They are in charge of several functions that humans take for granted, such breathing and lifting large objects. For a lifetime of strength and health, these two muscles need to be properly trained. Consequently, this excellent training for beginners will teach you how to utilize free weights and machines, as well as the correct form and technique for various exercises.


Yoga has undeniably grown in popularity as a type of physical activity in recent years. You can practice a variety of yoga methods, but they all have one thing in common: they all aid in body and mind relaxation as well as flexibility and strength development.

Exercises That Target Specific Body Movements

You can use a variety of various moves during your workout. But which ones deliver the quickest results?

Upper Body

Pushups, pullups, and dips using only your body weight as resistance are the main exercises used to develop your arms and chest area in upper body workouts. If you’d like greater resistance while executing these exercises, you may also use dumbbells or resistance bands. Examples include squat thrusts, mountain climbers, and plank positions.


The muscles in your lower back and abs, which go from your chest to your hips, make up your core. Your obliques, glutes, and hamstrings are all included in this, as are all the muscles in between. By performing workouts that demand you to contract all of these muscles at once in order to complete the task, Speediance will specifically target these muscles.

Lower Body

Workouts for the lower body target muscles including your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. These exercises will strengthen your lower body, making it easier for you to perform daily activities and run more quickly during training and competitions.


It takes more than being at a gym or having the necessary equipment to workout efficiently. That’s why Speediance has several training courses for you accompanied with 100+ videos. These is to ensure you hit your target fitness goal as well as get your money value back. Invest in Speediance today for the best results.


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