What to consider when selecting the best bathroom vanity


Vanity units are accessible in bathrooms. However, they are also used in kitchens though not as often. Other than improving the aesthetic value of bathrooms, the main benefit of bathroom vanities is that they increase the storage space. In addition to bathroom vanities, toilets, floor, and wall designs can also be tampered with to improve the appearance of the bathroom.  Depending on how many occupants are in a room, homeowners can opt for a single or a double bathroom vanity (his and hers). There are various types and designs of bathroom vanities in the market. In this post, we discuss the guide to choosing the best bathroom vanity.

Tips for choosing the right bathroom vanity unit

  • Come up with a plan

A plan for a bathroom vanity would involve the design aspects of the vanity unit and the installation procedure. In a project, you can decide which type of vanity you would like installed after carrying out adequate research. The plan can also involve the position of the bathroom vanity unit, materials used in the design, and the style. Other aspects that you can cover in the plan include the budget, color schemes, and the size of the bathroom vanity unit.

  • Space available

The available space influences the size of the bathroom vanity as well as the design. When considering the option for a bathroom vanity, it is always wise to find the layout of the bathroom. Coming up with a plan allows for a smooth installation. The shape of the vanity also depends on the space available. For instance, rectangular or L shaped bathroom vanities take up a lot of space.

  •  Fixtures

The fixtures of a bathroom vanity unit include such items as mirrors and lighting. The lighting of a bathroom vanity affects the effectiveness of the mirrors and the appearance of the vanity. The lights also help to create an appealing look and decorate the entire feature. The mirrors are also subject to various designs and styles. Faucets and the hardware are also part of the fixtures element. It is always wise to make sure that the fixture designs and colors blend effortlessly with one another. They also have to blend with other features in the bathroom for better aesthetics.

  • Plumbing

Many are times when contractors have to change the entire bathroom plumbing system to accommodate the bathroom vanity. This factor is a significant challenge when you are remodeling a house, and a lot of money may be involved. The type of vanity, number of sinks, and the size affect the plumbing aspect.

  • Materials

There is a wide range of materials used for bathroom vanities. The materials differ from one element of the vanity to another. The sink and the countertop may share the same content. However, different materials are needed for the cabinets, mirrors, and faucets.

Take Away

Other factors to consider when determining the right bathroom vanity choice include the cost of construction. The price is significantly affected by the size, materials, and the style of the vanity. Always consider your budgetary needs.


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