Tips on How To Save Money On Your Halloween Shopping

Halloween online Shopping

Halloween festivities are mostly celebrated in the United States with about 175 million people participating in the spooky holiday. Recently, multitudes of people from different parts of the worlds usually jump on the bandwagon every year. These festivities usually don’t come cheap as millions of dollars are spent with a large percentage of the total amount going to costumes and candy. However, you don’t always have to break the bank when doing your Halloween shopping. You could shop at websites like moreare which offer amazing Halloween masks that are reasonably priced.

Four Things That People Splurge On During Halloween

When people get into that Halloween spirit, they go about splurging on Halloween shopping without a single care in the world. We’re not saying that this it’s wrong to do shop. It is, however, very important for them to shop with moderation. Keep reading and we’ll give you tips on how to celebrate on a budget and save up a few coins.

  • Halloween Costumes

When shopping for the costumes online, you should browse through different websites that sell Halloween-themed products to compare prices or look for discounts. There are quite a number of Halloween costume retailers which makes it even easier for you to find a good deal. On most websites, first-time customers get a discount off their purchase or get free shipping when they buy costumes worth a specific amount of money.

If you are looking to save some money on your costume, you could check out some thrift stores. Not only will you save a lot bit you could find a one-of-a-kind item that is in great condition considering that these costumes are usually worn once and disposed.

Alternatively, you could wait until just a few days before Halloween to make a purchase. During this time, most stores usually offer huge discounts because they want to clear all the stock.

  • Halloween Candy

What is Halloween without the “trick-or-treat” custom? Although sometimes money is used, people usually buy candy to give to the kids dressed in costumes that show up at their doors.

Just like the case for the costumes, most Halloween stores give out coupons that let you double out on the savings and also give huge discounts just a few days before the holiday itself. Another way to satisfy your sweet tooth on a budget is to buy the candy in bulk either from discount stores, grocery stores, or drug stores. You could also save up a little more by buying non-name brands whose candy is cheaper per unit.

  • Halloween Cards

About half a million US dollars are spent on Halloween greetings cards annually. This shows that the art of writing correspondence is still very much alive.

A great way to save would be by looking out for early-bird promotions to avoid last-minute shopping which is usually accompanied by high prices. You could also save up by getting creative and making your own cards using low-cost supplies.

  • Halloween Decorations

It’s highly likely that people who celebrate Halloween not only get their costumes for dress-up but also buy Halloween decorations for their homes.

 If you want to save money on decorations, visit yard sales or Halloween thrift stores and buy your decorations from there. Another big way to save up would be by going the DIY way. All you need is a little inspiration and you’ll be good to get started. Finally, don’t forget to store the decorations for later use.


At a glance, Halloween doesn’t look like a pricy gift-giving holiday. On the contrary, Halloween is just as expensive as all the other major holidays and it seems like the numbers are going up. People are now more open to spending not only on Halloween costumes but also in other categories such as candy, decorations, and greetings cards. We hope that reading this article gave you some insights on how to save a few bucks and still partake the celebrations in a fun way.


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