How much will a dark red lipstick cost you


Dark red lipstick is one of the most sought after lipstick color in the world today. This is because of the elegance it gives to a face no matter how lightly it has been made up.

It is suitable for every occasion and every outfit. Even if your so-called outfit is just a plain white classic shirt and a pair of trousers. It is suitable for women of every age and class.

Best Red Lipstick and their Prices

Below is a collection of the best red lipsticks with the best prices, just what you need to perfect your look.

Matte Velvet Queen Red Lipstick

Previously sold for $23.99 but now sold for $16.69. This Velvet lipstick is highly remarkable for the comfort it provides. Just like your favorite skinny jeans, it glues to your lips. It is made with olive oil, vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid.

The Hyaluronic Acid serves as a moisturizing agent or rather it preserves the moisture on your lips so they don’t dry out. Vitamin E helps to keep the lips in perfect condition. Olive oil on the other hand gets rid of the lip lines so that the lipstick will fit better.

Velvet Dark Red Hunter Lipstick

This lipstick cost $23.99. It is smoothly made with a matte finish. It also contains vitamin E and oil to keep the lips soft and moistened. It lasts very long, can be worn all day long. It neither itches nor dries the skin.

One of the reasons why this lipstick is popular is because of its high pigmentation and Medium to full coverage.

Velvet Love Letter Girl Lipstick

Just as the name suggests, this special brand practically tops up your game in the lipstick world. It is made from a mixture of Vitamin E and olive oil to maintain the health of your lips while adding glamour to your face.

Only the best ingredients are used to produce this high-quality product. They not only give you your dream look, they also keep your lips comfortable. It is highly pigmented and cost around $23.99.

Gentle Rose Semi-Matte Velvet Lipstick

This is a long lasting lipstick with a smooth and nourishing feature. It contains Vitamin E, an essential ingredient that preserves the lips, leaving it soft and moisturized.

This color is not only one of the most gorgeous color, it is also comfortably light and lasts longer than many other lipsticks. To use, just swipe gently across the lips. You can add two or more swipes to achieve your desired shade. It is sold for $16.69.


In all, there is a wide variety of red lipsticks available in the market ranging from the cheap ones to the more expensive ones. So whichever one you settle for will depend mainly on your budget amongst other factors.


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