How To Buy Coins For FIFA 21?


Coins are the holy grail of FIFA 21. For every gamer to achieve their fantasies, they need to stock up on their coins. Building a dream team is not an easy job. After all, every gamer wants a squad that boasts the most refined player. So, you will need all the coins you can get. Asides from signings, disposables are essential to enjoy FIFA 21. Disposables are the little hacks you always need to bend the rules of FIFA 21 on a few occasions. At one point, every player needs to call on his disposable, and this can be achieved by having enough points. So, the question is- how to buy FIFA coins 21? Peruse this article further to learn the steps.

  1. Buy at attractive prices online: Waiting for your FIFA points to accumulate can be grueling. However, you can buy FIFA coins at attractive prices online. When it comes to buying FIFA coins 21, various sites are available to offer you this service. Many prefer this method as a comfortable trade option since all you need to do is send your card details and expect your coins’ delivery.

To buy FIFA Coins online, follow the steps below.

  • Always login or open an account. Afterward, choose the FIFA coins you want to buy and select your game type. The game type includes Xbox, PS4, PC, and mobile.
  • Input the number of coins you wish to purchase online, press the ‘buy now’ button to confirm.
  • Thirdly, choose the payment method you prefer. Online payment offers you various channels, such as PayPal, Skrill, Visa, and so on.

Sit back while your coins are transferred to your account.

  1. Player auctions: Another convenient way of earning FIFA points is through the player auction. With a player auction, you sell a player in return for enough coin. To enable player auction, you have to:
  • Pick player auction as your preferred transfer option
  • Select the number of coins you need in return.
  • Access the FIFA Ultimate Team dashboard.
  • Choose the players you are willing to sell on the FUT site.
  • Your website will give you a ‘start price’ and a ‘buy now’ price. In choosing, always make sure your start-price and buy-now price is equal to each other.
  • Put your chosen player on the market with the ‘start price’ and ‘ buy now’ price on your game.
  • Then complete your payment.

With this method, you end up selling your player at the ‘buy now’ price, equivalent to the ‘start price.’

  1. Mule accounts: Using a mule account is another method of buying FIFA points, though it’s not as convenient as other available options online. When using a mule account, you receive a separate account with the number of FIFA coins available. With the available balance on your mule account, you can sign players at your disposal or even build your fantasy team.


You cannot derive ultimate pleasure from FIFA 21 without having enough FIFA coins at your disposal. However, earning it is a tedious and slow process, thereby making gamers explore the purchase options. Follow the steps above to buy FIFA coins online, and experience a new feel to every game you play.


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