Tips For Buying Plus Size Clothing


Plus size clothing is clothes designed to fit people above size 18 or those considered overweight, obese, or full-figured. It’s been hard for many years to find these clothes as most stores stock normal-sized clothes. Some companies spotted the market problem, and in recent years, more and more stores are coming up which deal with plus size clothing. Check out plus size wholesale vendors for unique clothes either for personal use or if you want to open a shop. In this extract, we discuss tips for buying plus size clothing.

Tips for Buying Plus Size Clothing

Being full-figured shouldn’t stop you from looking useful and stylish. You need to know how to shop for your body and find the correct fit. Below are tips to guide you through the process.

1. The Fit

It plays a massive role in your body appearance. Thus it’s an essential factor. Buying clothes that are bigger than your size to hide part of your body can be unflattering. They tend to make you appear bigger and bulkier than you are. Getting what fits makes you attractive and brings out your frame.

2. Choose Dark Colours

Many plus-sized women feel the need to hide areas of their bodies that seem more extensive than others. Some have a big bust, large thighs, or arms that make them uncomfortable and seem to draw everyone’s attention towards them. Always choose dark colors as they call for less attention and the biggest advantage is that they give an illusion of a small and slimmer frame.

An example is black, which is a neutral color. It is perfect since it works well with the skin’s undertone. Keep off bright colors. As pretty as they may be, they display your assets hence not ideal.

3. Avoid Some Patterns and Prints

Generally, dresses with patterns are cute, but not all are good for the plus size figure. If you have to buy one, go for one with small designs to make you look smaller. Big patterns make you appear bigger. Choose clothes with vertical stripes, Aztec print, Paisleys, etc., to look slimmer.

4. Balance Your Outfit

Avoid buying a printed top and a printed bottom or different patterns on both. This will make you look bulky, and the whole look will be messy. If your top has a print, pick a solid color for the pants and vice versa. Wearing a printed dress is ok, but anytime you go for multiple pieces for one outfit, always balance them out.

5. Tightness

The clothes you choose should not be too tight. The fit must be right. Buying a size or sizes smaller than you will not help solve the problem. Instead, you’ll be making it worse. Chances of you looking thinner are very low. Tight clothes will show off the piles of fat on your body, which is not the right image to look at. Also, as plus size, you might not look decent, depending on the tightness.

6. Try Them On

Many shops are selling clothes online but if you prefer going to a physical shop, ensure you try the outfits before buying. Some parts of the body are usually larger than others, such as a size 14 but with chunky arms. If you try on a size 14 dress, it might not fit unless it stretches on the arm area.


The above tips are straight forward and easy to remember. You can also choose what you want to buy as long as it works for you. Meaning, your taste and preference, coupled with a good eye, is all you need to have some classy dressing.


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