Sarenza contest outfit


I’m a late entry into the Sarenza blogger contest (always at the coo’s tail!). My shoes only arrived from France yesterday but they were most definitely worth the wait.

In this competition bloggers have been asked to create an outfit around a pair of Sarenza shoes. I’ve been looking for a pair of two-tone brogues for ages, so opted for a black and cream Camper pair and put a monochrome outfit together based on them (I had no idea Camper made shoes like this – thought they were all about  brightly coloured flats):

A close-up of the shoes:

This is the shirt I’m wearing – isn’t the back detail lovely? I’m showing the model shot from the AW10 lookbook rather than one of me because (much as I’m reluctant to broach the unterhosen topic, I get enough dodgy spam as it is!) I haven’t worked out what to wear under this yet:

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