What Can You Do With Runescape Gold?

Osrs Gold

Imagine this: you’ve got a lot of Runescape gold on your hands – Osrs gold and RS3 gold. Now, you’re wondering about what to do with all of it. Well, there is a number of things you can purchase to enhance your gaming experience.

Most long term players of Runescape understand how the currency system of the game works. Along the line, either they’ve acquired a lot of gold while playing the game, or they’ve grown tired of the gameplay and need something new and fun.

While selling the gold outright is fairly common, there are other fun ways to use your stash of Osrs Gold, and this piece shall be highlighting them for you.

Simply stack up your gold

Did you know how much gold you can ever have in Runescape? The game has been programmed to allow a maximum coin limit of 2.1 billion Gold for any one player. To be more specific, the number is 2,147,483,647.

What you can do is become the wealthiest man in the whole of Runescape! Being a player with all that gold is a kind of achievement. It is even a common thing that players stack up on gold, so chasing after that kind of achievement might just the fun push you need anyway.

Spend on Skills and Growing

On the flip side, an excellent way to use your Runescape gold is to invest in skilling. It is fulfilling and a more rational option.

Skills in Runescape include woodcutting, cooking, fire making, mining, and so on. If you intend to do construction tasks, it requires that you put in a substantial amount of gold – from around 50 million to up to 500 million.

Since you presumably have that much gold, it is a good idea to invest in such construction projects. Even if you don’t have that much, you can easily buy more.

You don’t need to blow all the money on construction, as there are nifty ways you can get around to paying a lot less for what individual skills cost.

Most of the skills can be maxed out more quickly than others, and only needs that you invest a little more resources. Prayer, crafting, and fire-making are examples of such skills that develop so fast.

When you do develop specific skills to the maximum, it becomes an achievement that every other player gets to see, which is very cool!

You can take a gamble

Runescape also allows you to stake your gold at arenas. This is another thing you can use your gold to do. At least, it’s better than just hoarding it up.


There are some possible things you can do with your stash of Runescape gold, which makes the gameplay more purposeful and enjoyable at the same time.

You can’t just allow your gold to sit and collect dust. They’ll lose value over time, and it will be pointless having them in the first place.


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