Diamond Paintings and How to Get the Right Photo


Diamond painting continues to be popular. You can now buy specialized kits online and in different stores. Also, you can find a list of different pictures and prints. The truth is that the idea of diamond painting a special photo that rekindles great memories, is not only great but life-changing. Nowadays, there are many shops offering diamond painting services online. What you only need to do is to send your favorite photo to the shop. The artists customize the layout and provide you with a kit to carry out the painting.

The secret is to choose the right photo to diamond paint. According to https://icustompainting.com/collections/diamond-paintings-paint-by-diamonds-diy-diamond-art-kits, If you fail to choose the right image, then your artwork will not be of the highest quality, and you may end up being disappointed. You can avoid this by following certain rules to select the best image.

Photo Size and Quality

You should note that pixel size and quality play an important role in diamond painting. Ensure you select a photo of high-quality and ensure that every pixel is a diamond in the artwork. However, if you do not know how to determine the pixel quality and size, you can easily check it by zooming the photo. If you find it pixilated or blurry, then that is the wrong picture for diamond painting. The good thing is that most shops allow you to send an order for custom printing.

Shading and Coloring

When it comes to diamond printing, shading and coloring have an impact on the custom diamond painting. It is advisable to select a photo with clear lighting. You should note that shading in the original picture becomes pronounced when printed on canvas. Therefore, you ought to pay attention to detail and even show different colors. You can use a photo editor to alter the properties of the image as you want. Remember to do this before sending your photo to the diamond printing shop.

Photo Orientation

You need to choose the best orientation of the diamond painting. In this case, you ought to be realistic. For instance, if your image is landscape, then it is advisable to select landscape canvas. On the other hand, if the image is a portrait, go with portrait canvas. If you choose otherwise, then there is a risk of your image falling out of place and looking odd.

Canvas Size

This is another important element that ought to be considered when choosing a picture with canvas. As noted above, it is quite tricky to get it right when selecting an image for diamond painting. If you choose the wrong size of the canvas, then your painting may appear cartoonish. Ensure you consult the shop on the right size of the image and canvas.

It is advisable to use a larger image as it tends to provide a striking final appearance of the artwork. However, this does not mean that you cannot do detail with diamond painting. Make sure you get the right size. Also, you need to get it right with the canvas shape and size to match the original image idea.


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