The 4 best ways to use a photo locket

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When it comes to what you choose for your jewelry, you need to be creative while keeping things elegant and personal. A photo locket is a nice jewelry asset that you can easily play around with to create a strong fashion statement. Interestingly, there are creative ways to use photo lockets and here are a few you can probably try it out.

  • Different lockets for Different outfits

Photo lockets come in different shapes, designs, sizes, and colors. So, if you want to use photo lockets creatively then have a variety of them. Typically, they will be worn as an accessory to match your outfits. For instance, you can have photo lockets that match with your official outfits and those that match your casual outfits. The important thing is to know your style and then complement it with a nice matching photo locket. Having different lockets helps you to break that your wardrobe monotony.

  • Explore Unique Photo Themes

Ideally, a photo locketĀ is associated with love and will in most cases have photos of loved ones or love messages inserted in them. But you can change this by venturing into other themes. If you are a sports lover, for instance, you can have a photo locket that has photos of your favorite athletes or players. If you are a lover of nature you can have your photo locket have nature photos. By doing this you create something personal to you. Likewise, the locket must not always have photos as it has space to also hold other personal things. For instance, you can have a photo locket with enough layers to hold your names or names of the place, people or things that are dear to you. The possibilities are endless giving you the chance to showcase your creativity.

  • Customize Uniquely

Most often photo lockets are associated with necklaces, but remember, when it comes to jewelry creativity is limitless. You can create a ring, bracelet or even an ankle photo locket. Doing so will help you make a bold and personal fashion statement. Depending on your outfit or preference you can wear photo lockets on your finger, wrist, and necklace with each having a unique set of inserts. To add extra charm, you can add unique features on the outside of the locket such as glitters and beads. The best thing about doing this customization is that you can change things without necessarily investing in a new set of lockets.

  • Perfect Gift Option

Thinking of what to give your friend or family member for his or her birthday? Well, think no further. Photo lockets make the perfect gift as it gives one that intimate connection and opportunity to place things of sentimental value. For things to place inside a photo locket, you can play around with photographs, messages of love and inspiration, Hair, Quartz and Birthstones. If your friend is a big fan of rock music, then you can buy a nice photo locket that can hold 6 to 10 inserts and inside it, you can insert his or her favorite rock musicians or favorite rock songs. Sounds interesting right? It is even better if you can customize it from scratch to give it that extra personal touch. Plenty of things to use so let your creativity fly.


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