Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping Online For Face Masks In 2020

KN95 Mask

When most of the cities and towns locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping is a preferred option for many. Shoppers can order their favorite meals online and have them delivered to their houses.

However, there is a need for greater precaution due to the contagious nature of the novel virus. With many experts recommending the use of personal protection equipment (PPE) to stop the spread of the virus, online trade for these gears has soared since the beginning of 2020. One of the fast-selling PPE is face masks. In particular, KN95 face mask is flying out of the shelves due to their effectiveness in filtering the air.

The following are the mistakes to avoid when shopping online for face masks in 2020:

Ignoring red flags: With many people ordering for face masks that are already short in supply, it is not uncommon for some to become complacent. Some people are driven by fear of missing out on the masks and, therefore, would throw caution to the wind when it comes to vetting the retailer.

From sketchy company history to negative customer reviews and feedbacks, there are many red flags that people are ignoring because of the short supply of the face masks. However, such complacencies may put buyers at a greater risk of contracting the virus because of poor quality masks. Some buyers also risk losing their money to fraudsters. Always note the red flags and ascertain whether you are dealing with a fraud or a genuine seller.

Using public Wi-Fi: While most people currently stay indoors and are more likely to use private Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, a good number of buyers still use public Wi-Fi connectivity to make online purchases. Such individuals are at an increased risk of being victims of hackers.

Always avoid the temptation of connecting to your online retail shop via public Internet connections. If your apartment does not have Wi-Fi, you can tether your smartphone or create a private hotspot using your phone.

Ignoring discounts: The mad rush to purchase a PPE such as a mask may lead others to overlook any special discounts on offer. Don’t miss out on great deals because you went online with a single mind of purchasing face mask. Some retailers are even offering special discounts on the gear. Search for deals and special discounts for any item that you may require.

Failing to countercheck everything: When shopping online, it is very easy to overlook ordinary things such as counterchecking the number of items in the cart and their prices. Sometimes we even ignore to confirm the shipping arrangement. Therefore, we end up paying for items that we don’t even need. Every dollar counts during this pandemic. Minimize your online footprint by always log out of your account once you have placed your order.


The coronavirus pandemic has left many people with few shopping options. A majority of people are now shopping for essential supplies online. When purchasing face masks online, always take precautions to safeguard your personal data.


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