The ultimate buying guide for stick vacuums 

stick vacuum

Vacuum cleaners were first established in the year 1860 by one Daniel Hess from Iowa. During this time, they were referred to as carpet cleaners. This was also the primary purpose of the vacuum cleaner at the time. However, over the years, several advancements have been made to the original carpet cleaner. These advancements have resulted in stick vacuum cleaners that can be used for a variety of purposes. Vacuums can be used to clean bare floors as well as carpeted floors. They are also used to clean furniture, the interiors of vehicles, and industrial surfaces. Stick vacuum cleaners are the current trend in the vacuum industry. However, there are different brands selling stick vacuum cleaners. This makes it tasking for users to select the best option. This post seeks to make the task easier.

Factors to consider when choosing between stick vacuum cleaners

1. The cost

The cost is the most common factor to consider when buying any form of product in the market. However, several factors affect the price of a product like a stick vacuum cleaner. Such factors include the manufacturer of the product and features of the vacuum-like, durability, and functionality. This, therefore, means that when considering the cost factor, it would be wise to assess other elements of the product first. It is also wise to choose a product whose cost matches your budgetary needs. 

2. Suction power

This is an underlying hint to consider when choosing any vacuum cleaner. The suction power refers to the strength with which the vacuum can pull or eliminate dirt and debris from the surfaces. The suction power is measured in watts. This means that a more excellent value of watts translates into a higher suction power. When determining the most suitable suction power, it is wise to consider the surface on which you intend to use the vacuum cleaner. Surfaces like carpers mar require vacuums with higher suction power.

stick vacuum

On the other hand, other surfaces like hardwood floors or bare floors may call for lower suction power. This is because using a high powered vacuum on such floors may result in damages like scratches. The suction power is also determined by the type of machine, manufacturer, and design as well.

3. Efficiency

The efficiency of a stick vacuum cleaner is mainly measured by the time in which you use the vacuum to complete a cleaning task. Vacuum cleaners are favored over the fact that they make work more comfortable, and they are fast. It would, so, be ill-advised to choose a product that does not meet these standards. Always consider a vacuum that completes the task in the shortest, most reasonable time. 

Final Word

Other features like the mechanism for disposing of the dirt are also prone to consideration. You may also want to choose between a corded or cordless stick vacuum. Corded stick vacuums tend to be more powerful compared to the latter. On the other hand, with a good battery, a cordless stick vacuum may be the most convenient due to its versatility. 


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