How to Get Rid of Anxiety Through CBD Vaping


Anxiety is something everybody goes through but there are some people who suffer from chronic anxiety and this is something that we should be talking about. Mental health is very important and chronic anxiety is no joke. When your distress levels are alarmingly high and you go through it for long periods of time, you might be suffering from chronic anxiety. People who having this disorder are CBD vaping to help them recover from it. If you are one of these people, you should consider vaping CBD too.

What causes anxiety?

There are numerous situations that can trigger anxiety. Normally, this happens when you go through a dangerous or life-threatening situation. For those with chronic anxiety, however, it can be triggered by even the littlest things such as facing a crowd, going through a career change, or a fight with a friend or loved one. Common environmental factors that trigger anxiety can be stress from school or work, financial issues, and relationship issues. Medical conditions can also trigger anxiety as a side effect. Anxiety may also be genetic so you might want to look into your family history. Substance abuse can also lead to chronic anxiety.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that is widely known for its medical properties. The fact that it comes from the cannabis plant should not discourage you. CBD cannot get you high. In fact, CBD products come from hemp – not marijuana. CBD does not have the psychoactive properties associated with marijuana. This makes them legal to use.

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Can you overdose on CBD?
It is possible to overdose on any type of medicine – including CBD. Since there is no standard dosage for CBD vaping, most users often experiment their dosage from a small amount and increasing the dosage till they find the most effective one. Overdosing on CBD will not make you high. In fact, the only reported side effects with overdosing are dry mouth, mild diarrhea, and fatigue.

How to use CBD for anxiety

Studies have been made and one of these studies showed that patients with social phobia have decreased anxiety after taking CBD. CBD has also shown positive results in patients with other stress disorders. The best thing about CBD is that it makes you stay calm and does not come with the side effects that psychiatric drugs have such as dizziness, weight gain, and low libido.

As mentioned earlier, there is no general dosage when it comes to CBD vaping. The right CBD dose will depend on a lot of factors like your tolerance to CBD, your body weight, and the CBD concentration on the vape juice. Recommended doses vary from 12 mg. The strongest dose recommended would be 45 mg. This dosage is recommended for the average man weighing 75 to 80 kg. To get the right dosage, it is best to first consult your physician. This way, you get to ensure that vaping CBD will also not get in the way of the affectivity of other medications that you might be taking.

CBD is not a cure

Despite the many benefits CBD can give you, you have to keep in mind that CBD is not a cure for anxiety. CBD vaping can only help you minimize the symptoms and effects of chronic anxiety. It is still best to consult a specialist like a mental health counselor or psychologist and undergo a cognitive behavioral treatment.


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