Methods of earning more Fifa coins in 2020


The Fifa video games are a legendary series of football and soccer games that were established two decades ago. For several years, the series has made a footprint in the industry as the most significant sports video game franchise in the world. The series help to bring the global football games to life, with players being able to play with the most significant leagues and teams in the world.

These video games are designed with such precision and professionalism that they allow players to use details to make their experience as realistic as can be. With Fifa, you can build your dream team, influence the world game as you want it, and lead your dream team to glory. However, you need to earn FIFA coins to make all these happen. Fifa coins are earned as you keep playing the games. However, it takes a long time to obtain the coins. For this reason, most games choose to buy Fifa coins.

How to earn Fifa Coins

There are several different ways through which you can earn Fifa coins. The easiest way to make

The coins is by simply playing the game. You can earn even more coins by playing against a human opponent. For instance, you can earn up to four hundred coins if you win a game against a human opponent. You can make this happen by playing in FUT’s online mode. Even if you do not win the game, you can also earn a lot of coins by only participating. If you keep playing such games over a long period, you can end up making thousands of Fut coins. 


You can also earn more Fifa coins by using coin boosts. This means that you can modify the earnings you receive from playing online leagues by boosting the coins. All you need to do, as it is simple, is to unlock the coin boosters using the EA football club credits. You can begin by boosting two hundred coins per set period.  The more you play the games, the more you earn boosting features.

Competing in weekly challenges and tournaments can also help you earn more coins. You can always keep tabs of the open competitions and challenges by checking the tournament features on the Ultimate Team Menus. Always keep in mind that you do not need to win the challenges to earn the Fifa coins, you can make the coins from taking part in the tournaments to completion. However, winning the matches will earn you more coins.

Another way to make Fifa coins is by buying the coins or using Fifa coin generators. The generators are free while buying the coins may cost you money. The cost of purchasing the coins differs from one website to another. It is, however, vital that you make sure the site you are buying from is authentic. Purchasing from some inauthentic sites may cause you to be penalized by Fifa.

Take Away

You can also make Fifa coins by playing the transfer market. This method may, however, be more tricky. With adequate amounts of Fifa coins, you can acquire new players, boost the abilities of your players, and ultimately win more games.


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