e.l.f Minty Gloss in New York

Sorry for the super brief post yesterday but between getting ready for an all day session (hen party) and filming 3 videos for you...

LUSH Cinders

Now you know I’m not the BIGGEST fan of LUSH bath bombs, they’re expensive and most of them don’t do much more than smell...

Here Are the Best Fanny Packs to Wear In 2021

Are fanny packs your favorite bag heading into 2021? If it is, then you surely want to rock it the right way. Fanny packs...

Strategies To Consider When Establishing An Online Outsourcing Business

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How to use an Ankara Material

If you haven’t jumped on the Ankara trend, then you are missing a whole lot! Ankara materials are one of the best gifts to the...
Travel Waist Bag (4)

The Small Travel Waist Bag Rocks!

The older version of a small travel waist bag had polyester with a dangler on the zipper. It came in a variety and was preferred...
embroidered lace fabric

Getting a good embroidered lace fabric

Embroidered laces are one of the most sorted after laces in the market today. This is one of the best African laces you can...

Three Facts About Your Lace Front Wigs

Wigs have been in existence for several years; however, more stylish and natural-looking ones have been developed with time. Wigs have had good reception...

All You Should Know About Lace Frontal Wig

Lace frontal wigs have been attracting the eyes of many women. This is mainly because of its versatility and the ideal way it looks...
personalised jewellery

Five reasons to rock personalised jewellery this year

Men and women have won jewellery for decades. They hold a special place when it comes to various aspects, including fashion and individual personality....